Call for Papers: Rethinking the ‘proceso’: The Argentine Dictatorship (1976-1983) in Perspective

Call for Papers:

Rethinking the ‘proceso’: The Argentine Dictatorship (1976-1983) in Perspective

March 24, 2016 – UCL Institute of the Americas

Argentina Dictatorship


The coup d’etat of March 24, 1976 was a key and dark landmark in the history of Argentina, one that has been demanding ever since intense efforts of analysis. The complex political and economic system established in the aftermath of the Second World War was brutally transformed under the self-denominated “Proceso de Reorganización Nacional”. Unlike some of the previous military coups, the longstanding effects of this “processing” of Argentine society are a complex legacy still present at many levels of Argentine society.

In the past 40 years scholars have approached the dictatorship from a number of different perspectives. From the first contemporary reactions, the literature inspired by the so-called transition to democracy or the “two demons” to the recent rereading of state repression, the opening of archives and the studies of collective memory and new understandings of militant activity, the field has been characterised by strongly diverse methodological and political traditions. This anniversary is a unique opportunity to provide a balance of the research undertaken so far and to further widen the debate about the legacy of the dictatorship in this long-term perspective.

This conference is an invitation to discuss recent research on relevant aspect of the last Argentine dictatorship. It seeks to attract scholars from across the humanities and the social sciences by focusing on an interdisciplinary and broad examination of both the social and political history and the political economy of the process, attempting to explore changes in capital accumulation alongside new patterns of domination and resistance or conflict.

Contributions are invited that address themes such as, but by no means exclusive to:

  • Violence, repression and human rights violations since 1976
  • Political economy of the dictatorship: debt crisis, deindustrialisation and financialisation
  • Crisis and end of the dictatorship: Malvinas/Falklands war and democratic ‘transition’
  • Exile, human rights movements and memory making in post dictatorship

Selected papers may be invited for inclusion in a planned edited collection depending on the overall range of papers submitted, quality of the material and the interest of the participants. There will be a number of small grants available to cover travel and accommodation costs.

Proposals for contributions should include a title, an abstract of approx. 300 words, and a brief (max. 50 word) biographical statement, and should be sent to the convenors by December 15, 2015.

The convenors should be contacted at:

Juan Grigera:

Luciana Zorzoli:

Applicants should also indicate if they wish to be considered for a travel grant with an indication of anticipated expenses.

Registration fees: £30, concessionary rates (students): £20

Key dates

30 September-15 December – Call for papers

15 December: Abstract submission

15 February: Paper submission

24 March: Conference

15 June: Submission of edited pieces for edited collection


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