Sobre llovido, fallado – Pagina 12 Article on Supreme Court limiting the right of workers to strike independently

Author: Luciana Zorzoli, CONICET Fellow in the IdIHCS (National University of La Plata).



Last week Argentina’s Supreme Court limited the right of workers to strike independently, establishing that only unions with state recognition are authorised to call industrial action. The decision sparked a wide range of reactions and comments in a country in which workplace strikes have a long tradition. Many denounced that the Court decision was politically motivated to stop industrial actions against the growing number of layoffs since Mauricio Macri became President. Non-registered and outsourced workers will be worst affected by the ruling as well as any protest that is spontaneously organised by workers.


Read the full article from Pagina 12 (in Spanish) here:


Luciana Zorzoli, a member of the ARN, who wrote the piece for Pagina/12 on the Supreme Court resolution arguing that the decision is consistent with what is called the “Argentinian trade union model”, something which she recalls acts as armour for traditional Peronist unions and their leaders.

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