Lessons from Argentina for Europe’s newly-impoverished middle class

Author: Daniel Ozarow: Visiting Researcher at the Social Debt Observatory, Catholic University of Argentina and Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University, London


conversationSummary: Describes some of the pitfalls that Argentina’s unemployed professionals, medium-to-highly skilled workers, small business owners and impoverished middle class have faced when seeking reintegration into the labour market, creating business opportunities or simply surviving following the 2001 economic crisis. Last month, an Institute of Fiscal Studies report warned: “Middle income families are the ‘new poor’” in the UK. Here and in Europe, austerity is squeezing such households and also pushing millions to the brink of poverty or joblessness for the first time in their lives. The potential proletarianisation of a significant part of the middle class is a social problem that requires urgent attention because neither the state, NGOs or job centres are suitably equipped to deal with the sensitivities and nuances of supporting such citizens. Insights are provided from Argentina and lessons offered for those in Europe experiencing similar fates since the 2008 financial crisis.


Read full article from The Conversation here:


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