Current state of Argentina’s Economy – Presentation by Dr Pedro Biscay, Director of Argentina’s Central Bank

On 24th February 2017, together with the LSE Student Union Argentina Society, the Argentina Research Network hosted a talk by Dr Pedro Biscay, Director of the Central Bank of the Argentinian Republic (BCRA). He provided his analysis of the current state of Argentina’s economy and has kindly shared his presentation with us (in English) here:


Pedro Biscay presentation LSE February 2017


Mauricio Macri’s election to the presidency in December 2015 marked a distinct change of direction for Argentina after 12 years of Kirchnerismo. This shift accompanies a broader regional change in what seems to be the demise of the ‘Pink Tide’. In his first year of office, the new president has faced a growing set of problems and points of friction at home and abroad. Among these are a changed international context, a collapse in commodity prices, low rates of economic growth, high inflation along with labour and social conflict. In this talk, Dr Pedro Biscay analyses the economic prospects for the country from his unique perspective on the board of its Central Bank.


pedro_biscayDr. Pedro Biscay is member of the board of Central Bank of Argentina. He has a degree in law with specialisation on criminal law and economics crimes.


In 2014-2015 he was Deputy Head of the Banking Sector Regulatory and Supervisory. Between 2013 and 2014 he was the Coordinator of the Programme of Banking and Economics crimes of Procelac (Procuraduría de Criminalidad económica y lavado de activos), an agency within the Public Prosecutor Office. He was also adviser of the former President of the National Value Comission (CNV) and the Lower House in Congress (Cámara de Diputados) in matters related to money laundering and regulation of the financial sector.


As part of his activity in the civil society sector, he was head of deputy of the Centre of Public Policies for Socialism (CEPPAS) and Director of the Center of Research and Prevention of Economic Criminality (CIPCE).

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