Argentina since the 2001 Crisis – Sale and Paperback Offer

Argentina Since the 2001 Crisis: Recovering the Past, Reclaiming the Future

Editors: Cara Levey, Daniel Ozarow, and Christopher Wylde Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan Year: 2014

***Exciting offer only until 11th May 2020. Newly released paperback version plus immediate ebook access all for just £14.99. Order online here***


This volume explores the effects and legacies of Argentina’s 2001-02 social, economic and political implosion and is unique in its interrogation of the nature and effects of crisis.


It seeks to reject false dichotomies of ‘old’ and ‘new’; instead synthesizing them in order to incorporate both elements of continuity and elements of change into its analysis.


The authors assert that responses to crisis do not only involve the merging of old and new, but that they are also, concurrently responses to both old and new problems – many of which were evident in the 1990s and earlier.


Crisis is shown to manifest itself in a number of realms – political, economic, social – and the responses to it and associated recovery are thus analyzed and interpreted through a myriad of lenses in order to adequately capture the nature of the salient dynamics that are present within them.


In this way, the volume seeks to adopt a more nuanced approach to analyzing Argentina since 2001.

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